i love hermione granger/emma watson so much <3 

i am sorry for not telling you what happen in my mind, in my heart cause for me it's my secret. deep secret. there's a lot of secret between us and i cannot beer with it. sometimes i feel neglected, i know nothing about what are you both talking about. and sometimes i feel sad about that. yep i know maybe i am not the person who can understands you but she can. shes very pleasant and i am not. huuuuhhhh (deep exhale)

so now i have no idea to who should i share my secret, my feeling, i have no friends who can be my side and hear my feelings. no one. just myself. are not i look pathetic? lonely? hm as long i have Allah at my heart i wont feel like dying. i hope one day i will find someone who can feel what i felt.

now i have to pretend like i am fine, got no problems, happy girl, ya i will and i have to. i really hope that one day they will realize about it, realize that i also a human being who has a feeling, who want feel that she has a friends and realize that i am here by their side no matter what i'm still waiting for them (argh i hate waiting) nawh, bye xoxo

princess of,